MuSE / Teens at Newport Art Museum

MUSE students at Whaling Museum

MuSE : Museum Studies Experience

Practice  Represent  Experience  Prepare 

MuSE is a 12-week museum career-development and training program for high school juniors and seniors. Participants explore museum careers and serve as advisors in the development of other teen programs at Newport Art Museum.

By becoming part of a network of peers, mentors, guest lecturers and museum professionals, teens are immersed in the Museum and come to understand the institution’s role as the premiere  “Arts Campus” serving Newport County and the surrounding region. The approach of school-to-career mentorship promotes lifelong engagement with art and culture and develops and prepares participants to be the next generation of museum professionals, membership and audience.

"MuSE provides an awareness of the numerous professional opportunities within this multi-faceted field.  These students will carry with them an understanding that it takes many people to make an organization run - no matter what field of study or career path they pursue."

Miranda Peters
Collections Manager
Preservation Society of Newport County

MuSE is supported by individual donors and by