Further Findings for MUSE Students

Curator Nancy Grinnell talks to MUSE students

MUSE Students: Find out more about the museums we visit and the work professionals do every day in museums and cultural institutions. Read the links below and also see the MUSE pinterest board.

What If Anything Is a Museum?

Introduction and thought provoking discussion of what might make a museum. What do you think? View File

Doris Duke's Foundation Reinvents Queen Anne Square

Queen Anne Square [pays] tribute to three women whose vision has left an enduring mark on Newport: Queen Anne, who ruled England from 1702 to 1714 and supported the Anglican Church in general and Newport’s Trinity Church in particular; Doris Duke, who created the foundation credited with preserving Newport’s Colonial architecture; and Maya Lin, one of the world’s foremost landscape architects, perhaps best known for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. View File

Oliver Hazard Perry, 1812 War Hero

and namesake of Rhode Island's own tall ship is being celebrated on the 100th Anniversary of his famous victory at the battle of Lake Erie. Read more about sail training, the educational experience students can receive aboard this majestic tall ship. Maiden voyage scheduled in the summer of 2014!

The OHPRI website has more.

Read and listen to the NPR piece on Oliver Hazard Perry

Touro Synagogue and Loeb Visitor's Center

The new Loeb Visitors Center at Touro Synagogue puts faces to hundreds of Newport's colonial ancestors who helped sew the fabric of America. There is much to discover in this new state-of-the-art exhibit and welcome center. View File

The Redwood Library and Athenæum

At 250 years old, the Redwood Library is America's oldest lending library and has been in continuous use since it's founding 29 years before the Declaration of Independence.

Celebrating the 350th Anniversary of R.I.'s Royal Charter

View a photo gallery showing the move of the original Rhode Island Charter document and its vault between floors of the State House, and the new exhibit.

Art Show Whose Curator is 17

An art show in New York City. Not unusual. An art gallery showing works by artists aged 15-20 years, organized by teens and curated by a 17 year old artist? Definitely unique! View File

A Tour Guide In Your Purse

Museums are using mobile multimedia devices — iPods, iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphones — to tell the stories of its exhibits in new ways. View File

Peeking into the Past

Newport Historical Society tour traces over 200 years of African American history in Newport. View File

MFA, Art of the Americas Wing

"We’re telling a much more complicated story of the strands that make up America,” said Malcolm Rogers of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts new Art of the Americas Wing. View File

Venetian Paintings Reunited at The Elms Mansion

Auctioned off just before the mansion was slated for demolition, all of the Venetian paintings that were originally installed in The Elms have now been reunited thanks to the perseverance of the Preservation Society of Newport County. View File

A SWAT Team for Art

When floods, fires or earthquakes threaten art or artifacts, the emergency response team swoops in. Events like Hurricane Sandy can take a toll we never imagined on art works. View File

Welcoming Art Lovers With Disabilities

“Seeing Through Drawing” classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are just one of the ways Museum guests can enjoy the art despite physical barriers. Participants — all blind or partly sighted — created works inspired by objects in the museum’s collection that were described to them by sighted instructors and that they were also allowed to touch. Read more to learn about other museums that have such programs in place. View File

Why Field Trips Matter

For a discussion of art and cultural field trips, a study at the Crystal Bridges Museum:
The Educational Value of Field Trips.

Art Uncovered

Under layers of paint on the ceiling of Salve Regina's Ochre Court ballroom, visiting preservation students from Clemson University in South Carolina made a startling discovery. 

Read the Story.