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MuSE : Qualifications & Requirements

Applicants must be in grades 11–12 and are accepted based on artistic merit as demonstrated in a portfolio or significant interest in the arts, quality of a writing sample about a relevant arts topic, academic performance (or the equivalent for VOC-TECH students), and superior teacher recommendations. The MuSE team of students  is chosen from applicants across Rhode Island. As such, this is a competitive application process. Please ensure that you are submitting the supplemental material that best represents you and that you are able to commit to the program schedule and expectations fully.


The Newport Art Museum is now accepting applications to MuSE 2018-19!

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To successfully complete this 12-week program, MuSE students must fulfill

the following requirements:

  • Attend all MuSE workshops for a total of 48 hours. MuSE Workshops consist of a curriculum which outline the basic components of how museums function as non profit organizations, a deeper look at the intricacies of the Newport Art Museum as a case study, and for each year a unique special project that focuses on a NAM institutional objective and gives MuSE students ownership of a piece of that task.  
  • Complete 12 assignments at
  • Complete an additional 8-20 hours of work outside of workshop hours on the year’s  special NAM Project
  • Installation Curatorial project: inspired by an artwork in the Museum’s permanent collection, students will be asked to create or curate a work into a teen installed exhibition in February
  • Have a e-mail account and check it frequently
  • Complete six month, one year and three year surveys after completion of the MuSE Certificate
  • Participate in alumni panel discussions for future cohorts
  • Have access to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and Google Drive as well as basic internet research skills
  • Attend all 12 required training sessions on the MuSE calendar
  • Have transportation to and from the MuSE sessions. If you are concerned about transportation, contact Peter Dickison, MuSE Coordinator, for assistance.
  • Learn to talk about the NAM collection with your peers and be conversant as a Junior Gallery Guide
  • Turn in all MuSE assignments on their due dates to the Google Drive Folder
  • Self evaluate progress and that of your peers