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Gallery Guide Program


To provide a platform to explore museum careers, drive the development of teen programs, through immersion in the Newport Art Museum’s daily activities instill understanding of the institution’s role as the premiere “Arts Campus” serving Newport County and the surrounding region, and to foster lifelong engagement with art and culture while developing and preparing participants to be the next generation of museum professionals, membership and audience. 



MuSE will offer Rhode Island high school students a unique opportunity for involvement at the Newport Art Museum, the leadership role in teen programming at the museum from concept to completion, be a springboard for MuSE cohorts to maintain lifelong engagement in museums and arts institutions through deep involvement in the institution and be a pipeline for actual employment by developing entry level, paid part time positions for those alumni who seek to further their museum experience before, during or after college. The program will build in a timeline of communication with alumni after program completion to measure, assess and improve the program. The MuSE program will stand out as a model that may be emulated in other arts institutions. 


MuSE : Qualifications & Requirements

Applicants must be in grades 11–12 and are accepted based on artistic merit as demonstrated in a portfolio or significant interest in the arts, quality of a writing sample about a relevant arts topic, academic performance (or the equivalent for VOC-TECH students), and superior teacher recommendations. The MuSE team of students  is chosen from applicants across Rhode Island. As such, this is a competitive application process. Please ensure that you are submitting the supplemental material that best represents you and that you are able to commit to the program schedule and expectations fully.

Applications are not yet open for 2018-2019. 

Inquiries may be directed via email