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Drawing 100

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Handsewn Alterations Certificate Course



Clay Studio

Pottery 1

Pottery 2

Exploring Porcelain







Beginning Watercolor 

Continuing Watercolor 

Advanced Watercolor Open Studio 

Paint with Pastels

Abstract Painting



Advanced Printmaking Open Studio



Vector Graphics for Laser Cutting






Get The Most Out of Your First Serious Camera






Portrait & Figure Mondays | Peter Dickison

January 9 - March 20 (no class 2/20) (10 sessions)

Monday, 6 PM - 9 PM

Peter Dickison will continue that tradition by working with models in a series of portrait and figure sessions with an eye toward various settings from art history. Experienced artists are encouraged to bring their media of choice.

Members: $360 | Non-members: $405



Drawing 100 | TBA

January 19 - February 16 (5 sessions)

Thursday, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

‚ÄčA drawing class for true beginners.  Each week dedicated to one of the tools of drawing in the artists' toolbox.  Line quality, shading and value, measuring and perspective will be covered allowing you to get the most out of your drawings. All materials provided.

Members: $125 | Non-members: $140


Drawing 102 | Peter Dickison

March 3 - March 31 (5 sessions)

Friday 2 pm - 4 pm

To continue study after Drawing 100.  Continue to develop drawing technique through more detailed and challenging assignments.  All materials provided.

Members: $125 | Non-members: $140


Ink Drawing | TBA

February 14- March 14

Tuesday, 2 pm - 5 PM (5 sessions)

Ink drawings can be striking and beautiful.  In this class you’ll learn to use brush pens, inking brushes, felt tip pens and nib pens to create bold high-contrast images.

Member: $155 | Non member: $180




Handsewn Alterations Certificate Course | Michele Ferguson

February 15 - March 15

Wednesday, 9:30 AM  - 12:30 PM

Join URI Master Seamstress and owner of Island Sewing School, Michele Ferguson, for a 5 week intensive in the art of handsewn alterations.  In this course students will learn 5 basic hand sewing alteration techniques: hemming, buttons/closures, mending, letting out and essential stitches. Upon completion of the class students will receive a certificate that can be used for professional advancement as a seamstress.  

Members: $250 | Non members: $300




Clay Studio | Charlene Carpenzano

January 12 - March 23 (no class 2/23) (10 sessions)

Thursday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Explore basic hand-building techniques.  the class will decide on each week's project with a focus on surface decoration through addition and subtraction.  Group demonstrations and individual assistance are important part of this class.  Explore the stages of clay through hand building, throwing and glazing.

Members: $340 | Non-members: $385  (does not include the cost of clay)


Pottery 1 | Charlene Carpenzano

No clay experience is necessary to come explore pottery and learn basic clay techniques in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  You will make serving dishes, and be introduced to the potter's wheel.

Members: $195 | Non-members: $220 (does not include the cost of clay)

Offered Twice:

January 19 - February 16, 5:30 - 8:30 PM (5 sessions)

March 2 - March 30, 5:30 - 8:30 PM (5 sessions)


Pottery 2 | Lee Segal

January 16 - February 13 (5 sessions)

Monday, 6 PM - 9 PM

For the experienced potter’s wheel student, join Lee Segal from “All Fired Up” and learn techniques to improve your wheel work. Learn to throw taller, thinner and with more control.  Previous pottery experience required.

Members: $195 | Non-members: $220  (does not include the cost of clay)


Exploring Porcelain | Elena Obelenus

January 18 - February 15 (5 sessions)

Wednesday, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

This class will focus on throwing with porcelain and then altering these forms with an array of decorative techniques from carving and stamping to sponging and resists. Demonstrations include throwing, carving and sprigging, as well as stamp making and stamping. We will discuss aesthetics and proportion, timing in clay, idea-generation, and the progression of one’s own work with learned techniques.  The goal is to show new decorating techniques, offer a new take on the traditional, and generally excite interest in the potential of the ceramic surface.

Members: $195 | Non-members: $220  (does not include the cost of clay)



CONTINUING OILS | Peter Dickison

March 3 - March 31 (5 sessions)

Friday, 9:30 AM - 1 PM

An extension of Intro to Oils, this course continues the exploration of representational painting of still life subjects.  Explore the possibilities of form and composition with a different themed still life each week while enjoying the wonderful medium of oil paint. All are welcome- you need not have taken Intro to Oils to sign up for this class.

Members: $180 | Non-members: $210


Beginning Watercolor | Mandy Howe

January 19 - February 16 (5 sessions)

Thursday, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Learn the very basics about watercolor paints, techniques, and practices.  Basics of the class include: working with a 6 primary color wheel, learning the differences in pigments and when to use them, color mixing, practicing techniques of brush drawing, creating washes, applying wet into wet, using resist methods and painting details. Students learn watercolor from 3 approaches: observation of still life settings, experimenting with the expressive qualities of watercolors through various techniques, and working from their own photographs.  All preliminary materials provided.

Members: $125 | Non-members: $140 


Continuing Watercolor | TBA

February 23 - March 23 (5 sessions)

Thursday, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

An extension of Beginning Watercolor, this course continues the exploration of representational painting of still life subjects. ?????? All preliminary materials provided.

Members: $125 | Non-members: $140 


Advanced Watercolor Open Studio | Self Guided

January 10 - March 21 (11 sessions)

Tuesday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Take this opportunity to hone your watercolor skills at your own pace in the well equipped studios of the Coleman Center for Creative Studies. Enjoy the flexibility and independence that an open studio provides while benefiting from the support and conversations of fellow watercolorists. Sign up for all 12 sessions to save.

Members: $245 | Non members: $280 | Drop in: $24 per day

Paint with Pastels| Jeanne Tangney

March 1 - March 29 (5 sessions)

Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In this five week class, join Jeanne Tangney, award winning pastel artist for an master class to the various ways in which pastels can be used in a painting, whether by themselves or as mixed media.  This class is best for students with some pastel experience. By the end of class you’ll be skilled in painting compositions from start to finish.

Members: $155 | Non-members: $180


ABSTRACT PAINTING | Catherine Carter

January 18 - February 15 (5 sessions)

Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In this specialized adult painting course students will learn to use water based paints and collage materials to create unique paintings in an abstract style.

Members: $155 | Non-members: $180




Advanced Printmaking Open Studio

January 17 - March 21 (10 sessions)

Tuesday, 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

This is your opportunity to work on any manner of project at your own pace. Enjoy the flexibility of a no-commitment drop-in, while taking advantage of our fully equipped printmaking studio. Experiment, explore, and meet other printers! Experience printing required. Students must bring their own materials.

Members: $250 | Non-members: $289 | Daily drop-in: $28





Vector Graphics for Laser Cutting | Steve Heath

January  17 - February 14

Tuesday, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM (5 sessions)

Newport Art Museum and FabNewport come together for a design and making experience. Use vector graphic software to create files for etching and cutting. No experience required.

First 4 sessions at the Coleman Center, final session at FabNewport turning your design files into art using the laser cutter.

Members: $155 | Non-members: $170


Imagined Landscapes in Photoshop | TBA

February 17 - March 17

Friday, 3 PM - 5 PM (5 sessions)

Use scans, digital stills and found digital images to create inspired and imagined landscapes in Adobe Photoshop.  Basic Photoshop and Mac knowledge recommended.

Members: $135 | Non-members: $150




Professional Online Gallery Building | TBA    

February 2 - February 23

Thursday, 7 PM - 9 PM (4 sessions)

For the professional photographer or photo enthusiast with a growing collection of digital files.  Learn how to upload, edit and organize your digital photos either for public viewing or private client access.

Members: $115 | Non members: $130


Get The Most Out of Your First Serious Camera

January 13 - February 10

Friday, 9 AM - 12 PM (5 sessions)

New, professional digital camera? Have you always wanted to take the best possible photos your fancy camera can take- in this basic digital photography course you will learn the tips and tools for the perfect shot.

Members: $185 | Non members: $210