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The Newport Art Museum has a number of exhibition catalogues and other books available for sale. Items include catalogues from exhibitions both past and present, our curator's book and other publications. Learn more about the catalogues below; all are available for purchase at the Musuem's front desk.


Very Simple Charm:

The Early Life & Work of Richard Morris Hunt in Newport, 1858-1878

Now Available

In honor of the Griswold House Sesquicentennial, the Newport Art Museum presents the exhibition "Very Simple Charm:" The Early Life and Work of Richard Morris Hunt in Newport, 1858-1878. This exhibition is the first of its kind to focus on Hunt’s early career. At the center of the exhibition are 14 original Griswold House drawings on loan from the Library of Congress. Also included are photographs of other early Newport homes, many now razed, as well as artwork by Richard’s brother, William Morris Hunt, and family friend John La Farge. This accompanying catalogue includes images of the exhibited pieces and five essays by local curators and Hunt scholars including, Richard Guy Wilson, Ph.D., Ronald J. Onorato, Ph.D., James L. Yarnall, Ph.D., Paul F. Miller and Newport Art Museum Curator Nancy Whipple Grinnell. 

Very Simple Charm, curated by Nancy Whipple Grinnell, will be on view May 31 - September 14 at the Newport Art Museum.


Carrying the Torch:

Maud Howe Elliott & the American Renaissance


by Nancy Whipple Grinnell

The Newport Art Museum is pleased to announce Curator Nancy Whipple Grinnell’s biography of the Museum’s founder.  Carrying the Torch: Maud Howe Elliott and the American Renaissance tells the story of Elliott’s remarkable life and her passion for promoting the arts. Published by University Press of New England, the book is the culmination of 11 years of meticulous research. 

Born to prominent Boston activists Juila Ward Howe, author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and Samuel Gridley Howe, first director of the Perkins Institute for the Blind, Elliott was raised in a household where art and education were appreciated and political causes worth fighting for. One grand tour and many lectures and publications later, Elliott became a Pulitzer Prize winning author, activist and ultimately the co-founder of the Art Association of Newport (now the Newport Art Museum). She lived to be 93 years-young and was a tireless supporter of American art and artists to the end.

As Maxim Karolik wrote in a letter to the Newport Daily News, following Elliott’s death, “I am not sure whether we all realize what the passing of Maud Howe Elliott means to us Newporters. I think she epitomized the cultural life of Newport…If we are interested in Newport as a progressive New England town, we must keep Mrs. Elliott’s torch burning for our cultural life here.” Grinnell’s biography does just that.



2011 / 2012

Produced by Joseph A. Chazan, M.D., NetWorks Rhode Island annually showcases and records the work, achievements, methods, and profiles of Rhode Island artists. "For me, the NetWorks project further validates for Rhode Island artists the significance of what they do as they toil daily, usually in a solitary way, seeking excellence and striving to overcome the vicissitudes and doubts that come with working as artists," says Dr. Chazan. "It is with the utmost respect and admiration that I enthusiastically present NetWorks 2011 and 2012."

Networks 2011/2012 was on view during the summer of 2013 at the Newport Art Museum.


From Pennsylvania to Paradise:

William Trost Richards, Harrison Morris & the Art Association of Newport

From Pennsylvania to Paradise focused on Philadelphia born painter, William Trost Richards, who spent decades living and working in Rhode Island, often depicting the scenic area near Middletown known as "Paradise" in his paintings. Work on loan from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) was included in the exhibition, as were selections from the Newport Art Museum's significant collection of works by the artist. As a tribute, work related to Richards' biographer and friend, Harrison S. Morris, was also included. Morris served as Managing Director of PAFA from 1892 to 1905 and President of the Art Association of Newport (now the Newport Art Museum) from 1916 to 1947. 

From Pennsylvania to Paradise, curated by Nancy Whipple Grinnell, was on view during the summer of 2012 at the Newport Art Museum.


Remembering the Ladies:

Women & the Art Association of Newport

Remembering the Ladies: Woman and the Art Association of Newport highlights the tremendous contributions that women made to the founding and sustaining of the Art Association of Newport (now the Newport Art Museum) and to the significant role the institution played in the lives of many successful American women artists in the first half of the twentieth century.  

Remembering the Ladies, curated by Nancy Whipple Grinnell, was on view during the summer of 2011 at the Newport Art Museum. 



The appropriately named exhibition Newportraits, was the basis for this book. It filled the museum's two buildings and brought to the public more than a hundred and fifty works that are owned by the sitters or their descendants and thus are rarely or never in the public arena.  Together, they celebrated this community by preseting images of its people and, through this volume's essay and catalogue, their stories. As Eileen Warburton writes so eloquently in her essay, "it was when all these portraits were exhibted together that the contextual life of the city, it's heady commerce, its vivacious fashionableness, its sophisticated patronage and its profound interconnectedness through the generations, was dramatically visible."

Yet this volume is about more than Newport. It is also the story of America's interest in portraiture and a catalogue that includes the work of many of its most significant portrait artists, including Gilbert Stuart, John Singer Sargent, Howard Gardiner Cushing, John La Farge, Andy Warhol and more. 

Newportraits was on view at the Newport Art Museum in 1992.