Past Exhibitions


19 @ 25

August 31 - December 29, 2013  ILGENFRTIZ GALLERY

“19 on Paper” is a Rhode Island-based organization founded in 1986. This exhibition celebrates its 25 years of providing a “cohesive structure for the presentation of works on paper by Rhode Island artists.”  The group has a regular membership of 19 members – painters, collage artists, printmakers, photographers, bookmakers and sculptors – all contributing pieces that celebrate the diversity of works on paper.

Feeling strongly that the integrity of the individual's point of view should not be imposed upon, 19 on Paper believes that encouraging a diversity of approaches to works on paper energizes and enriches aesthetic expression. Not only are different mediums and techniques pursued, but also a variety of imagery, from realism to non-objective abstraction.

“The exhibition ‘19 @ 25’ introduces our diverse audiences to a range of ideas and techniques in printmaking, photography, sculpture, collage, mixed media and more,” says Newport Art Museum curator Nancy Whipple Grinnell. “People from all walks of life will venture into ‘19 @ 25’ and find something new to see and think about.” More than 50 current and former members of “19 on Paper” are included in this exhibition.