Past Exhibitions

Corrine Colarusso: Magic Gold, Full Sun

May 17 – September 7, 2014     Studio Gallery

“In my work, nature, landscape, the bright symbolic sunrise, the gloaming, paint and color, become a stirred fiction,” writes Colarusso. “Less about verisimilitude, yet true to the experience of looking and being there, I produce images that merge the actual materiality of painting with illusion and abstraction. In each painting there is an accumulation of multiple structures, painterly possibilities that strain, then hold, the total image together.

“The paintings included in ‘Magic Gold, Full Sun’ are an attempt to re-capture an elementary sensation about the light on landscape,” she says. “Sunrise connects us to an imagination and reality that is productive; it leaps over irony and dripping sentimentality in order to chart our way back into the world so that we might minister to it, and ourselves, a bit more mindfully. Images can convey meaning. Deeper connections between nature and our inner selves are there for the taking if only we can see it.” Colarusso holds an MFA from Temple University and a BFA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She summers in Jamestown and winters in Atlanta.