Past Exhibitions

Elizabeth Congdon: Heaven and Earth

May 10 – August 12, 2014     Ilgenfritz Gallery

As a child in New York City, Elizabeth Congdon fell in love with the Renaissance and Impressionist paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although she was frustrated not to be able to bring her favorite paintings home, she discovered then that painting was her way to explore the world.

“Painting from nature is a passionate, vibrant endeavor,” says Congdon, who sees her work as “a diary written with pigment and brush.” Starting on linen primed translucently to leave an earth tone, she develops her images with a limited palette of colors. She paints from life to watch the nuances of the natural world, and uses these studies to work on a large scale or combine with still life. Congdon has set her focus on conveying the experience of time passing. “Watching, waiting, and being present for series of moments,” she says, “can imbue each canvas with a calm power.”

Congdon received her BA in Art from UC Santa Cruz, spending her junior yea r in Florence. After traveling in India and working in New York’s fashion industry, she attended Parsons School of Design MFA Painting Program. Congdon now divides her time between Jamestown and Nantucket.