Past Exhibitions

Barrett, Irving 740 x 428

Irving Barrett: Avian Aquidneck

January 18 - May 11, 2014  WRIGHT GALLERY 

SInce his move to Newport from New York City in 2000, artist Irving Barrett has pursued birds as his subject matter. The Sachuest Wildlife Refuge is his most consistent source for imagery, along with the Norman Bird Sanctuary, the Cliff Walk, and his own backyard. Barrett's delicately colored, patterned, kaleidoscopic collages of birds abstracted in their habitat intrigued Curator Nancy Whipple Grinnell when she awarded him "Best-in-Show" for an Audubon-inspired work in Spring Bull Gallery's "Fakes and Forgeries" exhibition several years ago. She then granted Barrett the Newport Art Museum Award in the 2012 Newport Annual, resulting in the current exhibition. The artist says "Being something of a surrealist at heart, imaginary figuration soon began to merge with the birds, mostly hidden in the foliage around them. Sometimes in a patterned sky. Sometimes none at all." The results make Barrett's work an "I spy" experience for children, as well as a visual delight for all. Barrett received a BFA from Parson's New School and an MFA from Pratt while working at the Museum of Modern Art. He has had eight solo exhibitions at New York City's Noho Gallery.