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The New American Family

Peter Marcus

May 10 – August 11, 2015     Ilgenfritz Gallery

Peter Marcus, retired professor of art at Washington University in St. Louis, won Best in Show for his magnificent collagraph, Grand Center, in the 2013 Newport Annual. Here, Marcus has turned his attention from architecture to family. He says, “In the past, members of any given family followed tradition and married within ‘their own kind.’ People rarely crossed religious, cultural, ethnic, or gender lines for marriage. Today American couples are blurring these lines and marrying whomever they want, leaving tradition behind. I have observed this not only in my community, but also through the lens of my own family. We, like so many Americans, have become part of ‘The New American Family.’” 

Similarly, Marcus says, he creates art in an unconventional manner. Marcus produces large-scale art on paper that makes use of all traditional ways and forms of creating a single work, and crosses the conventional lines of thinking about process. “Both my multi-ethnic family and my multi-disciplinary art are hybrid creations.”