facility rental


Renting space at the Newport Art Museum is an affordable way to create an unforgettable event that taps into Newport’s rich cultural history and vibrant contemporary art scene.



2013 Pricing




Wedding Reception  $5,000

5 hours. Includes 1 hour for cocktails, 4 hours for dinner and dancing.


Wedding Ceremony $1,000

1 hour. Includes 30 minutes for guest arrival, 30 minutes for ceremony.


Ceremony Rehearsal $250

1 hour.


Wedding Package $5,500

7 hours. Includes rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. 


Tent Fee: A $600 Historic Preservation fee is required when using a tent on Museum grounds.

Required staffing: Museum security, events associate, and receptionsists.

Parking: the Museum has 35 parking spaces on site. A neighboring lot (75 spaces) may be rented separately. Parking attendant and/or valet services can be arranged. Handicap accessible spaces are available.

Optional Services: Bartender, valet, parking attendant, coatroom attendant, bathroom attendant.