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Art After Dark

Art After Dark
         photo courtesy of Rich Hudson

Discover Art After Dark!

Newport Art Museum's sparkling late night gathering recently received the 2017 Editor's Pick Award for Best Artsy Social Event by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine! 

Held on the second Thursday of each month, Art After Dark features artful programs, talks, film screenings, gallery games, music, drinks and inspired conversation. Each Art After Dark is unique and full of new adventures.
Admission is free for Members. ($10 suggested donation for non-members)

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Art After Dark

5 pm     Newport Art Museum (76 Bellevue Avenue)


Beautiful Boy Gallery talk with Lissa Rivera and BJ Lillis

Born out of conversations about femininity, fantasy and gender, Lissa Rivera's ongoing series of photographic portraits entitled "Beautiful Boy" depict her male partner dressed as a woman. Settings and garb borrowed heavily from visual culture, cinema and art history seek to upend the cliched notion of femininity as a weakness. In the work, gender is an opportunity for exploration, rather than a limitation imposed. Join us for a gallery talk with the artists, followed by the screening of Czech director Vera Chytilová’s 1966 film Daisies, which Rivera cites as being influential to the evolution of her "Beautiful Boy" series.

Daisies Film Screening

Created in the mid-1960s during a brief window of loosened restrictions that enabled visual experimentation in Communist Czechoslovakia, Daisies is widely regarded as the most influential film from what is now named the Czech New Wave. "The films produced during this stretch were so stylistically inquisitive, so sophisticated in their use of metaphor, and so unlike anything being made anywhere else in the world in tone and content that they grabbed the attention of the international film community." - Michael Koresky, Eclipse Series 32: Pearls of the Czech New Wave

Vera Chytilová’s absurdist farce is perhaps the New Wave's most anarchic film, and is widely considered one of the great works of feminist cinema. Described as Dadaist, madcap and radical, this wildly experimental narrative film follows the misadventures of two brash young women (Marie I and Marie II) as they embark on a series of outlandish antiestablishment pranks and refuse to play by the rules of the patriarchal culture around them.  

Come spend seventy-odd (very odd) minutes with the unforgettable Maries! 

Directed by Vera Chytilová
Czechoslovakia, 1966, 76 min

Watch the Trailer! 


Schedule of Events:

5:00 pm: Galleries open for Art After Dark
5:30 pm: Gallery Talk with Lissa Rivera and BJ Lillis
6:30 pm: Daisies screening, $5 donation 

TOP IMAGE: Lissa Rivera, My Swimsuit, 2015, Archival Pigment Print, 20 x 30 inches, Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt, New York, NY


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