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Art After Dark

Art After Dark
         photo courtesy of Rich Hudson

Discover Art After Dark!

Newport Art Museum's sparkling late night gathering recently received the 2017 Editor's Pick Award for Best Artsy Social Event by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine! 

Held on the second Thursday of each month, Art After Dark features artful programs, talks, film screenings, gallery games, music, drinks and inspired conversation. Each Art After Dark is unique and full of new adventures.
Admission is free for Members. ($10 suggested donation for non-members)

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Art After Dark

5 pm     Newport Art Museum (76 Bellevue Avenue)


Travel Beyond Time and Space...

Experience the immersive and otherworldly works of artist Cristi Rinklin and musician and filmmaker Rachel Blumberg this month at Art After Dark. 



Rinkin's spectacular territories and luxurious fantastical landscapes, and Blumberg's stop motion animations paired with the live performance of her fragile and mesmerizing soundscapes, will transport us through bright blankets of fog, down a long country road, and on a billowing cloud walk. 

It's time to explore!


Moon Bounce_Quiet Water Rumble from Newport Art Museum on Vimeo.

6 pm  Gallery Talk with exhibiting artist Cristi Rinklin, "Paramnesiac"
7 pm   Arch Cape video and live performance by Rachel Blumberg

Admission is free for Members, $10 suggested donation for non-members
Cash bar and light snacks will be available.

Cristi Rinklin’s mesmerizing paintings carry the viewer into new and spectacular territories. The world that she creates in each of these paintings, in the words of the artist, is  “an uninhabited, detached fragment that floats in an ambiguous, abstract space . . . . The combination of tangible realism, abstraction, and ambiguity are intended to disrupt the viewer’s ability to ground or position himself in any particular time or space.” Part fantasy and part phantasmagoria, Rinklin’s paintings reinvigorate and reinvent the tradition of landscape painting.

Rachel Blumberg is a multidisciplinary artist and educator working in in the fields of music, visual art, and film/animation.  She composes experimental percussion-based music and performs and records both under the name Arch Cape as well as in collaboration with other artists. She has performed and recorded with with many widely acclaimed artists including The Decemberists, M.Ward, Bright Eyes, Califone, Mirah, Tara Jane O’Neil, Michael Hurley, Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), Death Vessel, The Huntress and Holder of Hands, and many more.  Her visual art and films have been exhibited in galleries all over the Pacific Northwest and Eastern Seaboard. As an animator/filmmaker she creates short films and music videos using a combination of cut paper, found objects, paintings/drawings, computer animation and film and has made music videos for Iron & Wine, Gillian Welch, Nada Surf, and Tom Hagerman (Devotchka) among others. Originally from the woods and rivers of Portland, Oregon, she now lives in coastal New England. 

Arch Cape is a solo project and improvisational experiment that involves live music and stop motion animation. Blumberg's explorations into new musical and visual language revolve around ideas of human thought, feeling, and perception. Using various forms of the drum set, pitched and non-pitched percussion, synthesizers, and her voice, Arch Cape improvises fragile, beautifully mesmerizing, sometimes explosive emotional soundscapes to her stop motion animated and film collages. 


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ABOVE  Cristi Rinklin, After the End of the Beginning, 2009, From the series “Boundless,” Oil and acrylic on aluminum