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Whitehorne House Museum 2018 Lecture Series


The Newport Restoration Foundation's Whitehorne House Museum is the only museum in the world specializing in eighteenth-century Newport furniture and related decorative arts. Open to the public since 1974, the museum is now closed while we plan for a renovation of the building, a new presentation of the collection, and a much improved visitor experience.

In the meantime, the Newport Restoration Foundation is excited to move beyond the museum walls and share the museum’s stories and objects in new ways. This series is the first step in a renewed direction to invite historians, makers, designers, artists, innovators, and craftsmen to interpret Whitehorne House Museum’s collection through their particular lens.


About the presenter:

Jeffrey Greene is a furniture maker specializing in 18th-century American designs. His expertise is in creating historically accurate replicas of important original pieces from museums and private collections. With thirty years of experience and well over 1,000 pieces to his credit, Greene is best known for his work in the manner of Newport, Rhode Island’s legendary cabinetmakers, the Townsends and Goddards. His work has appeared in Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, Colonial Homes, Early American Life, Fine Woodworking, In the 18th Century Style, and The Custom Furniture Source Book. Greene is also the author of American Furniture of the 18th Century: History, Technique, Structure and an upcoming book on Newport’s Townsend and Goddard cabinetmakers.

This series is jointly sponsored by the Newport Restoration Foundation and the Newport Art Museum. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


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