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Mystery at the Museum


Featuring the Marley Bridges Theatre Company

Mystery at the Museum featuring the Marley Bridges Theatre Company (formerly of the Astors' Beechwood)  is a year round series of family friendly, interactive mystery experiences. Each script is unique and created specifically to be performed within the walls of the John N. A. Griswold House – famed architect Richard Morris Hunt’s first Newport commission. Centered around historical characters, these scripts spark the imagination, engage one’s inner child and invite audiences to explore the visual arts through a detectives eyes. Search the historic Griswold House galleries for clues and question suspects in this 90 minute, family-friendly, murder mystery. Questions? Click here for FAQs

Spring 2016

To Be or Not To Be

"All the world's a stage..."  

It's the year 1891 and the 275th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.  Join Victorian high society members in honoring the Bard by helping cast actors for their "Shakespeare Salons."  The Griswolds, Astors, and other notable families join forces to perform some of the most famous scenes, plays-within-plays, and songs of the playwright's career.

Egos, nerves, and stage fright mix with grudges, lies, and rumors - and result in a murder worthy of Shakespeare's quill.  Don your detective cap to help solve the crime by sifting through clues and questioning the suspects.  

"All that lives must die,
Passing through nature to eternity."


Summer 2016 (Alternating shows)

Hanging Chad

Proud to be an American?  It's 1924 in Prohibition and this year marks the first presidential election at which women can vote!  Attend this special presidential debate at the Art Association of Newport to hear Republican candidate Calvin Coolidge, Democratic candidate John W. Davis, and Progressive candidate Robert M. LaFollette speak.  

When expected guests don't arrive and unexpected ones do, the evening shifts courses: libations are poured, dirty laundry is aired, and rumors are spread.  A guest is discovered dead and you must help question the suspects, search the galleries for clues, and figure out the murder.  Work fast to cover up the scandal before the authorities arrive! 

Wedding Belles

Love is in the air this summer in 1895... Celebrate the arranged marriages of the Wetmore sisters to the two eldest Vanderbilt brothers!  Edith and Maude Wetmore (of Chateau-Sur-Mer) and Cornelius "Neily" and Alfred Vanderbilt (of The Breakers) will join hands at a dual ceremony at the Griswold family's home among family and Newport society friends.  Reception immediately follows for an endless evening of dancing, ballroom games, wedding traditions, and more!

Matrimonial merriment is put on hold when one of the guests winds up dead, and guests must help to solve the tragic crime.  Beneath the surface of betrothal bliss lies prenuptial agreements (and arguments), bitter grudges, and scandalous stories of the past... Use your detective wits to piece together the secrets of this deadly double wedding!

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