Adult Tours

Self-Guided Visits

Groups of ten or more visitors may elect to explore the Museum on their own.  Reservations are required at least tow weeks in advance in order to receive discounted group admission rate.


Newport through the Permanent Collection

Let the works of art in the Newport Art Museum illustrate the history of Newport, RI. Guests will enjoy a guided tour of the highlights of the home and the permanent collection housed in the main galleries of the John N.A. Griswold House, 1864, the first major commission by famed American architect Richard Morris Hunt. Like the city itself, our artwork spans more than three hundred years and includes portraits, landscapes, and seascapes, all with a Rhode Island connection. Tour-goers will be introduced to artists such as Sturtevant, Bannister, Bellows, Lane, and Richards. The tour also features architectural highlights of this National Register of Historic Places property. Through an exploration of our collection and campus, gain a deeper understanding of the importance of art appreciation and celebration to this great colonial city.

Women of the Newport Art Museum

The Newport Art Museum has been nurtured, inspired, and enhanced by numerous women in its first one hundred years. This tour focuses on the remarkable contributions made by the women who helped create the museum we experience today. Maud Howe Elliott and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, the most well known of the group, were internal figures deeply involved with Newport American art. Hear the stories of these artists, patrons, and muses as reflected in pieces from our permanent collection.

Highlights from the Contemporary Exhibits

The ever-changing Newport Art Museum contemporary exhibitions provide the opportunity to look closely and engage in thought provoking discussions about art. Spend time in our temporary exhibitions highlighting contemporary artists from Rhode Island and surrounding regions. Challenge yourself by exploring color, depth and perception and explore new ways to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary visual art.

Learning to Look / Elements of Art

This tour will introduce you to the practice of actively looking at art. Guests will build observation skills and learn a descriptive vocabulary, which will include the elements of art (line, shape, texture, value, color, form and space). While viewing selected works of art from the permanent collection and special exhibitions you are encouraged to analyze and communicate about art.

Corsets & Top Hats step-on tours: Two options

The 5-hour tour package

If you are looking for a fun, full day group excursion, consider this unique living-history tour of Newport.  Newport tour guide Ms. Betty Czech leads a step-on guided tour dressed as Mrs. Caroline Astor, the Grande Dame of Newport and New York society in the late 1800s.  The tour is roughly 5 hours in duration and itinerary includes a visit to Marble House, lunch in the wood-paneled Canfield House, and finally a visit to the historic Newport Art Museum with a Gallery Guided tour focused on the Women of the Art Museum.  


The 2-hour tour package

Newport tour guide Ms. Betty Czech in the costume and persona of Mrs. Astor will conduct a one-hour, step-on guided tour of historical Newport and Ten-Mile Ocean Drive.  This will be followed by a visit to the historic Newport Art Museum with a Gallery Guided tour focused on the Women of the Art Museum.  Optional tea and cookies.

Reasonable group rates are available. For inquiries and scheduling, contact Betty Czech, Tour Guide as Mrs. Astor,   410-339-6779.