About NAM

A Place for Creative and Curious People

Our Mission

The mission of the Newport Art Museum is to champion a provocative diversity of creative voices and experiences within an historic Newport setting, thus sparking reflection, inspiration, discovery, and connection to our self, our community, and our world.

About the Museum

Since being founded in 1912, the Newport Art Museum has been a dynamic cultural gathering place, attracting an eclectic mix of artists, students, academics, preservationists, and visitors from around the world. Inclusiveness, professionalism, high-quality exhibitions, engaging programming, and a dedication to individual growth and learning have always been valued. The Art Museum is one of only 6% of American museums to be fully accredited by the American Association of Museums.

Individuals of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to explore their creativity through art classes, camps, workshops and other arts programming overseen by the Art Museum’s education staff.

We reach out beyond our walls to teach art through extensive outreach programs in public schools, social service agencies and private institutions throughout the state of Rhode Island. The Art Museum also offers concerts, live theatre, art and book talks, family programming and special events throughout the year.